Sketchbook Obsession: Houseplants!

October 26, 2014 § Leave a comment

I have been obsessed with drawing plants and flowers basically as long as I’ve been obsessed with drawing….so basically my whole life. Lately, as #inktober is in full swing on Instagram, I’ve been drawing plants more than ever and specifically houseplants. I thought I’d share a bit on here about my houseplant and flower situation in the studio and some of the Inktober sketches as well!

leahhoelscher_102614_blog-5 leahhoelscher_102614_blog-6

Currently, we have two large spider plants, a purple shamrock, about seven succulents, a corkscrew rush, and a huge Boston fern – not bad! Of course, I only wish I had more, more, more. During the summer months I bring in a lot of flowers from my mom’s garden – mostly Dahlias, Zinnias, Roses and Cosmos – so that adds to the color around here as well. Here’s some of the appearances the plants have been making in my sketchbook:




…and here’s a sneak peek of a gouache painting I’ve been working on that is heavily plant-involved:


If you want to follow along with #inktober, and see regular installments from my sketchbook, follow me (@littlearrow) on Instagram!


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