New Studio!

October 30, 2013 § 1 Comment

Well well! It looks like it’s time for one of my trademark belated blog posts. Back in early August, I moved to a new house with Smashotron Scott. Definitely one of the best things about this new arrangement is that now, for the first time EVER, I have a dedicated studio space that I don’t also sleep in! That’s right, I can close the door on my drawing table and computer and not feel like they are looking at me in the night. Won’t you join me for a tour?

P1150701 copy

This is my area – My faithful drawing desk, which has been with me since I started art school at KU in 2005, and my *new* computer desk, which Scott built for me. It’s modeled after Donald Judd’s prototype desk which we saw in the Los Angeles County Museum of Art this summer. I love it! It has tons of shelf space for old sketchbooks, binders of moodboards, my Pantone swatchbook, and a flat file for large format papers. It’s also custom-built to my height, so I can stand and work for hours without becoming the hunchback.

P1150702 copy

Between the two of us, the studio has 5 desks: 2 computer desks, 2 drawing tables, and the all-important cutting mat/light table/put crap here and forget about it for a while table. Here, you see it in it’s ideal, ready to cut paper or transfer drawings form, but normally it’s piled over with tools, sewing projects, books, and tea cups. This view features a guest appearance by Lazer Bunny, a Smashotron original plywood sculpture.

P1150704 copy

Getting a new work space also gave me an organizational boost. Now I can finally have the giant bulletin board I’ve been craving, a place to hang up a calendar, and a few random things for general inspiration. I’ve never been much of a decorator but now that I actually have some blank space to work with I’m starting to see the appeal. One nice thing about our studio space (and house in general) is that it all came together with things we already have, recycled, repurposed and things that were free or very cheap. I’m looking forward to spending long hours in the studio all winter long!


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