Tales from the Road: Cherry Blossom Bliss

April 10, 2013 § Leave a comment


One thing about spring is that it really makes me miss Korea. Nice weather, lots of people hanging out on the Han river, Buddha’s Birthday and Children’s Day, and the cherry blossoms. Oh, the cherry blossoms! The blooming of the cherry trees is a much-anticipated event. There are websites that predict which days the trees will bloom in different regions, and people flock to famous cherry tree sites around Seoul and the country. One of the most famous places is Gyeongju, the old capital of Korea. In 2011, I went there with some friends to run the Cherry Blossom Marathon (um, I did the half). It was amazing. The whole course was lined with blossom-laden trees, musicians, and old people waving Korean flags. Afterwards, I went to see the royal tombs, one of the most scenic places in Gyeongju. This was also a great site to view another much-honored Korean tradition: boyfriends with fancy DSLR cameras taking elaborate photo shoots of their girlfriends. Cherry Blossoms bring the romance out in everyone!


For me, that day was a heady mix of runner’s high and travel induced euphoria. The inspiration stayed with me and now I’ve created a whole collection of cherry-blossom inspired patterns, which I will debut at Surtex in May! The full collection may be viewed on my website.


{Tales from the Road is my occasional blog series in which I share some of the better stories and reflections from my travels in Asia, Europe, and South America. This is in part to make up for terribly lazy travel blogging over the past year and half, but hey, better late than never!}


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