Under the Volcano, Baños de Agua Santa, Ecuador

September 12, 2012 § 1 Comment





Yo–ho, its Day 23 of my 100 day trip in South America, and I want to just take a minute and write about what its like for me to take a trip like this. You see, I didn’t start writing yet because I didn’t want to just fall into the trap of just writing about what I’ve done on the trip day to day. I want to write about what it is to travel. I’ve been going long enough to feel a sort of rhythm develop…a few solitary days here, some social days there, moments of profound excitement interspersed with tedium. Exhilarating challenge washing over frustration and then receding again. I have seen so many great things, and will see so many more before I return to the US in November. But I didn’t just want to take this trip to see things. I still don’t fully understand my motivation for embarking on this journey, but here’s what I do know…I crave situations that reward an independent spirit, turn of the moment resourcefulness, as well as both the ability to make plans and the ability to be happy throwing those plans to the wind. I want to be outside, a lot. I want to find out what things are necessary and what things are luxuries.

So, to that end, here’s what I’ve been doing this week in Baños de Agua Santa, Ecuador…studying Spanish four hours a day, crunching verb tenses and forcing myself to speak out when my nature is to sit back and listen. Hiking part way up a volcano to a rickety treehouse and a swing at the end of the world. Talking seismology in Spanish with the caretaker of said treehouse. Seeking out the best deal for humitas in town.



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