Inspiration Roundup

June 12, 2012 § Leave a comment

I’m that person that always has to sort my M&M’s by color, arrange things into harmonious color groups, and buy things purely because they happen to be my fetish color of the moment. (Most recent indulgence? Mint green nail polish.) As a color nerd leaning toward the obsessive, the Pantone color system holds a special place in my heart. Now, there’s a wonderful book out celebrating the color palettes of the 20th century, helpfully referenced with Pantone numbers. Pantone: The Twentieth Century in Color explores color palettes as diverse as Bakelite and Miami Vice, Tiffany glass and anime, art deco and disco. It’s great fun.

Also this week, I got a chance to rewatch Gary Hustwit’s documentary Objectified. Here’s a few gems from industrial designer Naoto Fukasawa:

“Design needs to be plugged into human behavior. Design dissolves in behavior.”

“We designers have been working to stimulate people’s souls and minds.”

Lastly, a tribute to Ray Bradbury. I heard this quote on a rebroadcast of his interview on NPR’s Fresh Air:

“We insure the future by doing it.”



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