So long, so love, Seoul

November 6, 2011 § Leave a comment

I’ve spent more than two years living and teaching in Seoul, and now I’m on the move again and looking for a new horizon. Living abroad has changed me in many ways, as has living in Korea specifically. I want to stop and take note of the things I value and love about Korea and expat life.

•gaining perspective on my own culture
•gingko trees in fall
•indoor shoes
•public bathing
•being part of an international community
•challenging my own expectations about what’s possible
•knowing what it’s like to be illiterate
•Korean picnic culture
•public transit, even in small towns
•Korean marathons
•Jeju Island citrus – kyul, hallabong, gingkgang
•charismatic taxi drivers
•street food
•letting go of Western expectations
•konglish funny
•being resourceful
•kimchi and banchan
•living in a giant international city
•fruit trucks
•Korean BBQ
•outdoor markets
•mixing of traditional Korean and modern international lifestyle
•eating family style at restaurants
•red bean and rice cakes
•friends I need to visit all over the world



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