take a good long look at yourself.

March 8, 2011 § 1 Comment

Lots has happened in the past month. My kindergarten class graduated a week ago and I got all new students who don’t speak very much English, so work has been unusually stressful this week. They are timid around me still but I can spot the trouble makers. My old kindergarten class comes in the afternoon now for elementary classes, and they talk ninety miles a minute about their big bad elementary lives.

I ran the 10k at the Koguryo Marathon 2 weeks ago and set a new PR, 49:57. Breaking 50 minutes was one of my goals for the season so I’m pretty happy about it. Two of my good friends, Tara and Shira, left Korea recently and I’ve been spending a lot of time hanging out with the running ladies having dinners and drinks and whatnot. Typical life in Seoul.

Most excitingly, I started working for Neh Magazine, an expat magazine based in nearby Bucheon. I was contacted by the editor of Neh after I volunteered to design an advertisement for V-Day, and now I’m illustrating their advice column. The first issue my work appears in will be released this weekend!

This illustration was done for Neh but wasn’t used because their sex advice column was pulled from the issue.


Self portrait I submitted for use on the contributors page. I am coming to terms with the dreaded self-portrait.


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