Taiwan makes me many emotions!

February 6, 2011 § Leave a comment

I’ve just returned from my 5-day Chinese New Year trip to Taiwan with my friend Kate. We had a fabulous time. We packed the days with fun and relaxing times and saw and did so many things…

high speed rail rice paddies fish farms mountains sunset LED lights pinwheels

red for Chinese New Year plants everywhere warm weather wrought iron balconies

stir fry Taiwan beer firecrackers mortar shells in the street European travelers

betel nut juice deluxe convenience stores English teachers cute hostels small towns scooters everywhere friendly people Myanmar food mango juice fake glasses beach stores food carts couple outfits high heels + scooter helmets the beach the sun overgrown cemeteries guesthouse

sunburn scooter lessons sail rock fisherman cute kids sparklers on the beach reggae bar accents frozen yogurt fresh fruit sea urchin crabs rocks photos lighthouse temple dogs with clothes dogs without clothes dogs with sunglasses coconut milk beachside surfers radar station soldiers

honk and wave wind in my hair jagged coastline bridge to nowhere daoist temples food offerings dragons driftwood sunscreen jumping crazy clouds fields of purple flowers tiny tiny towns traffic driving along the highway enormous Confucius kids on bikes cows in the temple yard

blue skies sunset blue water hot springs swimming caps blazing hot bath cold rain tofu soup fried noodles free dinner new friends 7-11 snack time reggae music bubble tea chinese words good luck

playful kids temples everywhere crammed subway stations alleyways department stores food courts too many options dragon dance drummers handmade goods motorcycle packs lanterns rabbits postcards toilet restaurants youth culture night market fortune tellers everything…


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