Those gosh darn kids

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[At my school, YBM ECC in  Daechi-dong, I teach a class of six seven year olds who are basically the most hilarious people on the planet. They wrote this story for their graduation album.]

The Amazing Adventures of Planet Class!

Written and illustrated by Planet Class

Not so long ago, Eric, Emma, Lori, Steve, June, and Jun Moon from Planet Class were in the ECC library reading a book about the Statue of Liberty. Suddenly, the book started to glow and sparkle.

“Wow!” said Eric.

“I think the Statue of Liberty is waving at us!” said Lori. Then, the students started to shrink. Emma said,

“Oh! I think we are going into the storybook. We are in a magic bubble!”

“We’re getting smaller. We must be going to the Statue of Liberty!” said Steve.

The students stood on top of the Statue of Liberty’s crown. They could see all of New York City! They could see boats in the water and birds in the air. June jumped up and down and waved his arms.

“I see a monster over there! He has 2 million eyes and one giant head!” he said.

“Get away from me, monster!” said Jun Moon.

Suddenly, the Statue of Liberty started to move. The monster was coming closer and closer! The Statue of Liberty raised her giant foot and crushed the monster.

“The Statue of Liberty has really strong muscles!” said Eric.

“Yes, she is very strong!” said Lori.  The monster turned green and became a baby monster.

“I don’t like you!” It cried, and ran home.

Just then, the air began to sparkle and Planet class saw that they were in the ECC library again. They saw a big box with wings in the middle of the library.

“Hey! I think it’s a time machine!” they all said.

“Let’s go get in the time machine!” said Steve.

“Yes, let’s go!” said Lori. Inside the time machine there were lots of buttons.

“This button has a picture of a dinosaur!” said Jun Moon.

“I’ll push the button.” said June. The air started to sparkle again. When they stepped out of the time machine, they saw the ocean and a mountain with many trees. They heard a crashing sound.

“Look! It’s a Tyrannosaurus Rex!” said Steve.

“Ahhhh! It’s chasing us! Let’s go to the time machine!” said Eric.

“Wait, there is no time machine!” said June.

“Time machine, please come here and take us back to ECC!” said Emma. The sky started to sparkle again. The time machine appeared and the students jumped inside.

“This button has a picture of Leah Teacher’s face! Let’s push it!” said Lori. The air sparkled. A hole appeared in the sky and the time machine flew into it. Next, the students saw a house with a red triangle roof and a square window. There was a mail box that said “Leah Teacher’s house, USA.” Jun Moon knocked on the door.

“Excuse me, are you here, Leah Teacher?” he asked. Leah Teacher answered the door.

“Yes, I’m here and so is Rachel Teacher!” she said.

“Hello Planet class! How did you get here?” asked Rachel Teacher.

“We came in the ECC time machine.” said Eric.

“Wow! Can we go with you in your time machine?” said Leah Teacher and Rachel Teacher. The students cheered and everyone got into the time machine.

“Let’s push this button that looks like a moon.” said Steve. The air sparkled the time machine appeared on the moon. Everyone in Planet class suddenly was wearing a space suit. June looked out the window and saw a small green alien.

“Wow! It’s amazing! It has three eyes and two heads!” he shouted.

“I’m hungry. Let’s go back to ECC.” said Emma.

“Please come here, time machine. We want to eat ramen!” shouted Jun Moon. Planet class got into the time machine.

“I’ll push the ECC button,” said Lori. When the students went back to ECC, it was night time. They ate ramen and talked about their adventures.

“It was cool! Let’s get into the time machine again!” they all said.


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