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July 20, 2010 § Leave a comment

So, it looks like somebody fell a bit off the blogging bandwagon, eh? Yes, I have not been blogging. I have not been pretending to blog, and I have not been writing ‘blog today’ on my planner lately. Nope.  But I have been doing other things! Here are some other things I have been doing:

-SUMMER IN KOREA! It’s hot and humid. I like to cool off by running up and down the subway stairs, doing interval workouts at Olympic Stadium with my friend Alison, and doing weights in a not-air conditioned gym. I’m running a lot these days – about twenty miles a week. I’m planning to run the Chuncheon Marathon in October in Chuncheon, South Korea. I finished my first half marathon on July 4th in Ansan, South Korea in 2:04.  I belong to a local running group called the Seoul Flyers and all of my running buddies have been so helpful and so fun. When running 21 kilometers in the midday sun doesn’t cut it, we eat watermelon and drink beer and slushees from Dunkin Doughnuts (which are 500% more expensive than American gas station slushees).

-GETTING A JOB! I got a new job, one for next year. I will move a little bit south to Daechi-dong where I will teach kindergarten and elementary school kids at YBM ECC. YBM ECC has a pretty good reputation, and it looks to be a lot more action than my current job. Man, I am sooo bored at my current school (English Channel Junior)….22 more teaching days to go…

-MAKING EPIC PLANS! In about four days I will be arriving in my summer vacation destination, BORNEO. I am so, so, so, excited for this. There will be mountain climbing, mud-volcanoeing, wildlife watching, jungle trekking, and island hopping.  I spend one week there, and then I come back to Korea for about 4 weeks of teaching/running like mad/general drunkenness, and then I move out of my apartment, quit my job and head back to the states for a month. My flight home includes a 12 hour layover in Honolulu, and a multi-day visit to Portland, Oregon where I will hang out with my best college buddy Mayvo. Then on to Kansas for about three weeks. Then, Korea.

ILLUSTRATION! Well, I kind of abandoned the coffee pot project. And the photo-a-week project. And the blog in general…truthfully, I’m not sure what I want the blog to be. Blogs are such strange things. Right now my blog is a kind of junk drawer, but that reflects my usual mental state.

Drawing-wise, I have been working a lot, on miscellaneous things that don’t relate to the coffee pot ideas, and just in the sketchbook quite a bit. It’s the first time I’ve ever had a sketchbook I really felt proud of. I don’t really want to post it though….strange, I know. I see a lot of value in the pages but I’m not sure they’re much to look at blog-wise.

As for photography…jeez…I’ve realized that I rarely feel the need to take photos when I’m not in ‘travel-mode’. I want to do something about that. One of the problems is that I hate taking my camera with me places, and so many of the great images I see are when I’m crammed in a bus or on my weekly long run, situations where I’m just not prepared to capture them.  About a month ago I was running in a rainstorm, doing my first successful long run of half marathon training. I was nearing my turn around point when I crested a hill and found myself running through a crowd of after-church Koreans all decked out in the most colorful umbrellas I’ve ever seen…a really surreal experience.  In light of experiences like these, I’m considering a couple of things: 1) getting a (much) smaller camera, try to do more with less, 2) getting a film camera to remind me of artistic intent while taking photos rather than blandly snapping away, and 3) forget about photography and just get better at sketching from memory.


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