World Cup

July 2, 2010 § Leave a comment

I’m wayyy behind on the whole ‘photo of the week’ thing…actually I’ve been having a hard time being motivated to take pictures now that Seoul is not so new to me.  Must…try…harder…

Up until last weekend, Seoul was consumed with World Cup fever – a totally new experience for me. I have never before experienced such a strong feeling of national unity. There were subway cars with floor-to-ceiling soccer field decals, large cardboard figures of Park Ji Sun in random locations, and people wearing Korea Fighting t-shirts and red devil horns everywhere. When Korea played Greece, I was in a chicken hof with a bunch of overly excited and tipsy Koreans, when they played Argentina, I watched the second half of the game in a subway station with huge group of Korean children and their parents, when Korea played Nigeria at 3 a.m. I didn’t watch it but I was woken up by my neighbors celebration, and when they played Uruguay, I was in a bar full of expats who were Korea-crazy anyway.


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