a short note about Projects

November 5, 2009 § Leave a comment


So its no secret I have a thing for bad asses.  In fact, you could pretty much boil all my assorted desires and ambitions in life into the the statement “Be a bad ass at something, someday.”

Julia Child was a real bad ass. She mastered a difficult skill at an age much later than most people hope to learn anything new, and she did it in an area that was dominated by men and then she went on to make her living on something that started as a side project.  I recently finished Julie Powell’s book Julie & Julia, which was sort of a side note on my reading list. I didn’t really expect it to relate to my project, but I like cooking and I wanted a little distraction. Plus it’s one of the books my Mom bought for me before I left home. (Thanks, Mom!) But, in a way, it did. Julie Powell gave her self one year to cook all the recipes in Child’s Mastering the Art of French  Cooking. I like that she had the sense to take on a project with really clear parameters, and stuck to it the whole time, even though she wasn’t quite sure why most of the time. It was cohesive and gave her a well-defined topic to blog about, and the blog led to bigger opportunities eventually. The goal was to just keep doing something, and eventually complete it, no defeat it, like hiking up a mountain.  I think that part of my motivation problem is that when I do get down to business, I feel like I’m just fumbling around, spinning my wheels and getting all anxious about the future and stuff. Maybe what I need to do is come up with a well-designed project for a specific length of time, get all the anxiety out of the way and blindly stick to something for long enough to have something to show for myself.


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