off and on the wagon

October 26, 2009 § Leave a comment


Alright, time for a confession: I have been really poor at this art thing lately. Not just lately, but for several months. I haven’t completed a damn thing since graduation. This summer I felt totally justified and not at all guilty about putting my pencils down – between international job hunting, working full time, spending every possible minute with friends and family before my departure, and getting ready to move to another country there honestly was no time. But the plan was, once I got here, there would be all kinds of time to hammer out kick ass drawings and designs (while working full time, running, learning Korean, exploring Seoul…). ┬áRight.
I guess it’s time to admit that I’ve fallen off the wagon and having a really hard time getting back on. Half of the time its because I’m genuinely lazy and/or busy with other things, and the other half of the time I just encounter too much frustration to enjoy myself or have the heart to keep going.
I attended the Seoul Design Olympiad this weekend. It was really great and inspiring, but at the same time reminded me of all my frustrations that I keep coming up against in my search for my place in design.
Things that make me frustrated:
– The fact that all the really edgy, relevant, serious-problem-solving designs are in the areas of industrial design and architecture.
– The fact that all the non-editorial applications of illustration just results in more non-necessary stuff.
-The fact that I really only want to make editorial-type illustrations when the subject matter is something I’m really excited about and agree with.
-The fact that I absolutely hate making art that’s about something I don’t care about, or about something I don’t feel inspired by.
– The fact that you can sit down to work on something and get up hours later having only obsessed over one tiny detail and made very little progress.
– I am frustrated by the fact that I’m interested in everything but passionate about little. And even though I don’t have a ‘passion,’ per se, I really want what I do to be relevant and constructive to society.
korea_091027 006
Ok, I can’t get that image to load right. screw it.
Well, to help myself out I’ve thought of a few basic goals and reminders…things I need to work on. Here:
-Stay in shape. Remember how good it is to work with your hands.
-Make ideas tangible. Don’t spin your wheels making pages of lists of ideas that will never become anything.
-Stay focused on one idea for longer…explore it completely…instead of having a graveyard of incomplete ideas.
-Keep researching ideas for the future…design and otherwise, or things that combine well with design.
-Be patient and try new things.

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