let’s get out of this country

August 24, 2009 § Leave a comment


Well, it’s really happening! Tomorrow is moving day for me. Moving to the other side of the world day. This summer has been a rushing stream of paperwork, contract negotiations, visa document confusion, guesswork on the actual date of my departure. But now, it’s here. I got my visa just in the nick of time this morning, crammed four seasons worth of clothes and belongings into 2 pieces of luggage and a backpack, and now I just have to toss and turn for four hours or so until it’s time to get up and head to the airport.

So here’s the update on my job, and the reason why my departure is delayed: My original job, teaching kindergarden in Bundang (which is a satellite city of Seoul) was bought out by a new company, which meant new contract, new starting date, new visa hoops, and even a new location. Now I’m going to be teaching for a school called English Channel in Akpujong-dong, in the Gangnam area of Seoul. I hear its known for being an upscale shopping area and might possibly be the “Beverly Hills of Korea.” I really don’t know what to expect… I’m really looking forward to it. My friend Amy, who had previously signed with a school a little to the east of Gangnam, also got moved to the very same school by sheer coincidence! We’ve got lots of adventures planned, or rather we’re planning on adventures.

I’m jumping into this completely new world and mostly I’m trying not to form any preconceptions about what life is going to be like over there. Preparing for this has helped me see my life in Kansas in a new light. My summer has been devoted to (aside fromt the job search) spending time with my friends and family and  enjoying Lawrence and rural Douglas County. Since I quit my college job and moved out of my college apartment almost a month ago, I’ve been living with my parents and gardening quite a lot and just living the country lifestyle. Long walks on country roads, chigger bites, cicada songs, homemade pies, ripe tomatoes, peaches, blackberries, green beans, squash, more produce that what we know to do with… it’s a rich life here. I’m going to miss it a lot.


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