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May 8, 2009 § Leave a comment

It’s pretty crazy to be able to write that the 2009 senior show has come and gone. So much work leading up to one night! It was great to see everybody who came out to show support.

my senior show display

my senior show display

Lindsey, Brooke, and myself

Lindsey, Brooke, and myself

all set up

So I have to admit that it feels pretty strange to be done with school. I was so focused on the task at hand, finishing each project, printing, matting, bookbinding, whatever, that I really never contemplated the end of college until Lindsey and I were hanging up our Coterie posters and she said, “You know what Leah? This is the last time that we’re going to pin stuff up on these walls.” Too weird! Tuesday night I pulled my last design school all-nighter and sorted through all my old projects. It’s really something to have a concrete visual record of how my understanding of design and personal voice have developed. Starting out in the Viscom program I was pretty intimidated – I was ok at drawing, but not great, I had an interest in design, but no experience, no experience with the very intimidating Adobe Creative Suite, and decent work ethic.  Thanks to the teachers that pushed me every day, and my peers who kept setting the bar a little bit higher each project, I really feel like a have a lot to show for my time at KU.

So now it’s time to plan my next step. For a while now I’ve been leaning towards teaching english in South Korea for the next year. I feel like I need to take a step back from the whole design thing and really figure out where my place is, and going away for a year will give me the chance to do more research about opportunities and build my portfolio. It’s another big, intimidating step, a little similar to when I switched from K-State to KU to become a design student. Also I think it goes without saying the travel aspect of this appeals to me.

It is a little strange seeing some of my classmates jump start their design careers, while I spent quite a bit of time at the show explaining the logic behind my future plans rather than talking up my work.  I’m certainly not leaving the design world altogether, but I do realize that when you do things like this, the unexpected happens. Whateve I end up doing, I still think this whole experience was worthwhile.


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