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April 24, 2009 § Leave a comment

lettering for Andes illustration

lettering for Andes illustration

“Manage your expectations.”


So I’m working on the last four illustrations, plus finishing the two world maps I have started. I’m finding that the biggest challenge isn’t making the image work, like I had expected, but the lettering. Finding the balance between something that looks fresh, spontaneous, expressive and genuine as well as something that is refined, legible, well-crafted and jives perfectly with the image is getting really taxing.  With less than two weeks until senior show, it seems  like I’m in a place where my abilities and the amount of time available is not going to result in the ideal outcome. sigh.

So if this is going to be a little out of balance in terms of the expression/design thing, I think I’ll side with the expression. For now.

“Sincerity is the quality in which your imperfections show.”

-zen chef Edward Espe Brown

In other news, I finally got my fabric! One week early! I used Spoonflower and they turned out real nice.  Some of the finer details on the suns and leaves patterns got left behind, but I think that may just be a limitation of printing on fabric. I am so excited to get away from my computer and drawing table and start sewing.

5 fabrics printed at Spoonflower

5 fabrics printed at Spoonflower


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