Studio Sunday 4: November 16, 2014

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This week was totally manic, with deadlines for holidays ranging from Valentine’s to Easter. Also, I’ve been working extra hours at my bill-paying job to help the musicians’ web stores get ready for Black Friday product launches. On the back burner are some ideas for Thanksgiving and Christmas decorations and holiday cards…and I’m still plugging away at my illustration project that I will use to promote my work in 2015. Here is evidence of a busy mind and busy hands!

Studio Sunday 3: November 9, 2014

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What’s all the mess about? Just me making some textures to try out on a new illustration.

Sketchbook: Get out the Vote!

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Today’s the day, folks! Time to hit the polls if you haven’t already. Here’s a sketchbook piece I did during #inktober about election season.

Studio Sunday: November 2, 2014

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I’m in the middle of a portfolio project I’m super excited about, and getting ready for some new fall and winter pattern collections.

Happy Halloween!

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Studio Sundays: the beginning

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I’m trying something new to keep my blog more up to date and keep a better record of the work that is always flowing through my studio. Check out the blog on Sundays to find a photo of whatever exciting thing is on my drawing table!

This week: lots of #inktober sketches and a gouache painting in the works for a promotional project. Also, this week I’ve been working on deadlines for a stationer client and an apparel client. Fun stuff!

Sketchbook Obsession: Houseplants!

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I have been obsessed with drawing plants and flowers basically as long as I’ve been obsessed with drawing….so basically my whole life. Lately, as #inktober is in full swing on Instagram, I’ve been drawing plants more than ever and specifically houseplants. I thought I’d share a bit on here about my houseplant and flower situation in the studio and some of the Inktober sketches as well!

leahhoelscher_102614_blog-5 leahhoelscher_102614_blog-6

Currently, we have two large spider plants, a purple shamrock, about seven succulents, a corkscrew rush, and a huge Boston fern – not bad! Of course, I only wish I had more, more, more. During the summer months I bring in a lot of flowers from my mom’s garden – mostly Dahlias, Zinnias, Roses and Cosmos – so that adds to the color around here as well. Here’s some of the appearances the plants have been making in my sketchbook:




…and here’s a sneak peek of a gouache painting I’ve been working on that is heavily plant-involved:


If you want to follow along with #inktober, and see regular installments from my sketchbook, follow me (@littlearrow) on Instagram!


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